Worlds Most Successful Gambler – Jon Price of Sports Information Traders


After making over $264,000 from cashing big on a Kansas City Royals world series win people really started to take notice. Wait it might have been his $250,000 check that Cantor Gaming made out to Jon Price earlier this year. Wait was it the half a million dollars that he won when he plopped down big money on Floyd Money Mayweather to beat Manny Pacquaio in the “Fight of the Century”?

Jon Price is no stranger to making and wagering big money. He is the only sports handicapper in the world that allows his clients to speak with current clients who so far have had a 76% winning streak so far this NFL season. When it comes to football betting Price has a system that is proven and profitable year over year.

The sports information traders analyst and mathematical genius has been featured in the Huffington Post, Forbes, Gambling911, Eye on Gaming, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, Card Player Magazine, Ante Up, and a slew of others. “People are intrigued at how I have been so successful through the years. I come on radio and even give out free analysis live on the air so people know that they are dealing with the real legend of sports betting. When somebody saw a big cantor wager I placed and then won they said to me…wow you really are the most successful gambler of all time. It takes pride and hard work to be the best gambler of all time. I think of it as an investor. Only Warren Buffett has a longer track record of success than I do.”  Said Price when interviewed about his legendary success.

From celebrity clients to Vegas Dave they all follow Price’s picks and predictions. The services are not cheap as the highest level of service costs $150,000 for a year of plays but the returns have been phenomenal outpacing both the stock market and the most successful hedge funds of yesteryear such as Bill Ackmans Pershing Square Capital and Ray DaliosBridgewater Pure Alpha fund which has had net gains of over $35.8 billion dollars. Only issue is it’s very hard to join Dalios fund and even though working with Jon Price is very exclusive and tough he does allow select clients who either have the bankroll or the Ernst to succeed. Those who have been referred by their friends after they made over $100,000 are those that purchase his sports betting picks without needing to ask any questions. They have read the articles and they have seen their friends betting accounts grow. Jon Price simply is an anomaly in a world where there are way too many touts and those who say they can do when Jon Price is the one doing all of the doing. He walks the walk and talks the talk perhaps he is the most interesting and reclusive sports bettor in the world.

From actors to bankers and alternative investors looking for additional income and ways to put their money to work end up on board. Whether they heard Price on the radio or saw him on Television they are quick to appreciate his craftsmanship. He has dedication like a Japanese fisherman and provides a rapid return. This is what makes sports investing a nice alternative to the stock market and rocky housing market. We have clients that played with options and Forex trading and got burned. After they made $50,000 with sports information traders they no longer worried about their financial future.


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