Wild Roulette Bets That Will Make Your Jaw Dropped

Roulette is known to be played by high rollers. Players often take huge risks to win, but no one compares to the greatest roulette player, Ashley Revell, who wagered everything on a single roulette spin. His story may be the most incredible gambling story ever told.

Just an Ordinary Man

When Ashley Revell was 32 years old, he was neither rich nor famous until he wagered everything he had on a roulette game. He sold everything he owned and with his $135,300 he went to Las Vegas. He bet it all on one spin and won $270,600. The story of his winnings became a media sensation.

Overnight Fame

UK’s Sky channel capitalized on the story by featuring Revell on the exclusive “Double or Nothing” program. Revell was also featured on various television programs such as a documentary on E! Channel and Vegas’ Winners & Losers, and THS investigates.

The Spin

It was clearly a nerve wracking moment for Revell when he wagered everything he had. On a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, Revell revealed how he finally came to the decision of where to wager and how. Revell first thought of betting on red but as he got closer to the wheel, he changed his mind and decided to bet on black. But then as the wheel started to spin, Revell decided to wager the whole amount on red.

Fortunately the spin stopped at seven red and Revell made history. He became the man who wagered $135,300 to win $270,600 in a single roulette spin.

After the win Revell shared some of his feelings. He said that when he decided to wager everything on that roulette spin, he felt optimistic. But after it actually frightened him to think about would have happened if he had lost. He said that it was crazy of him to place such a bet, and that it was in fact the “maddest thing he had ever done.”

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