Top 5 Crazy Bets That You Might Have Never Heard of

Winning a jackpot in a casino could be the best thing in your life right? Well, maybe it is not the case always because there are some instances where jackpot winners find themselves in the midst of big troubles and start cursing their luck. So, here we are going to tell you the stories of some unfortunate people who managed to win huge amount of money but end up losing everything they have –

1# MIT Students Sage

Have you ever got the time to watch the movie ‘21’? If you haven’t, allow me describe the plot. This movie revolves around some college students who come with a plan or a formula to be precise to win in blackjack. Well, now the twist is this movie is based on a true event. However, the real life account different slightly from the reel one. Basically what these guys had done is they came up with a formula that allowed them guess precisely whether the upcoming cards are low or high. They tend to raise the bait whenever they sense that the next card will be high value.  This is how they made fortune.

2# Breaking Banks at Monte Carlo

The term breaking the banks has some association with casino culture. It means winning every single chip of the table which is by any standard is an incredible feat and as obvious rarely happens. But this unthinkable once happened with a man named Charles Deville who managed to break the bank at Monte Carlo in 1891 and had won a massive a million francs. It took him 11 hours to earn this. However, things did not go so well with Deville. He ended up in jail for fraudulence and eventually died penniless.

3# Betting on Toddlers

It is common for grandparents to think big about the future of their grandchildren, but as it appears Peter Edwards knew more about his grandchild than anyone else. He played a gamble by placing a bet that his grandson Harry Wilson would one day play for Welsh National Football team. The wagering house did not mind offering him a 2500:1 odd as the possibility of making it to the Welsh National Football team without having any football background is almost next to nothing. But unthinkable happened when Harry Wilson made his debut In October 2013. Peter Edwards won a massive £125,000 for this gamble.

4# The Big Megabucks Hit

This is the story of a cocktail waitress named Cynthia Jay. She was having a very normal and uninteresting life until on her mother-in-law’s birthday, she chanced to play the Megabucks slot machine. She pulled it 8 times and nothing interesting happened. But the 9th pull changed everything. She won a massive $34,959,458.56, probably the biggest amount in the history of Megabucks Jackpot. Within two weeks, she married with her long time boyfriend Terry Brennan. But something terrible happened with her on 7th week as she sitting at a stoplight, car rammed her and made her confined to the wheelchair for the rest of her life.

5# Moon Betting

It was 1964 a man called David Threlfall approached William Hill, a well known British wagering company and asked about for the odds of a man walking on the moon within 7 years. Now, it might sound a pretty safe bid today but if you can time travel to that particular time, you will realize the fact that it was not that easy feat during those time. The company agreed to offer an amazing 1,000:1 bet. Threlfall just put £10 on that bet and wait patiently. As time passed, it was getting even clearer that space race is getting hotter and the possibility of human walking on the surface of moon seems quite plausible cialis in deutschland kaufen. Some people even approached him to buy that bet but did not acquiesce and kept it. At the end, the company kept its promise and offered a massive £10,000 check on as Humans set his feet on Moon. The story is itself amazing and inspiring.


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