Top 5 Cool Android Slot Machine Games


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It is really interesting and amazing to see how the slot machines go round and round until the countdown starts before showing the desired numbers. We hope against hope that somehow we manage to win a jackpot by testing our luck on Slot Machines, but that rarely happens. 

Moreover, modern day people rarely get time to visit a casino and play those slot machines. But thankfully, there are some android based slot machine apps available that can help you experience thrill of playing slot machines without leaving the comfort of your home.

1# KaChing Slots

This game is known for its amazing graphic quality and great sound quality. It also has multiplayer option which is really unthinkable for slot games. The development team is working consistently to make the game more interesting and engaging.

2# Slot Casino – Slot Machines

How exciting it could be to spin the reels of a slot machine by swiping your fingers on your mobile phone? Well if you have no idea, we suggest you to try Slot Casino – Slot Machines game that will allow you play slot games and win money. With this game, you will have all the excitement of slot gaming in the palm of your hand. Nothing could be more exciting than this. This game allows you to play two card games and also to participate in weekly tournaments.

3# Tourney Slots

This is a new kid around the block but still it has managed to win the love and admiration of gamers all around the world. This game covers almost the entire screen of your Smartphone and offers you a delightful interface to have fun while playing slot games. The development company is trying its level best to make this game even better and more engaging. It has a cool social feature that enables you to ask friends for credits and if you wish, you can also lend credit to somebody else.

4# Fruit Slots

This game has two different versions – one for tablet users and one for the Smartphone users. This game is quite different than other types of slot games that are usually available on the web. This game comes loaded with 10 different betting symbols. When you want to place a bet, you need to click on the button which is placed at the bottom of the screen. Once clicked, the LED light will start blinking and stop to show the result. This game has reviewed by over 10,100 people and it has an average 4.6 ratings.

5# Farm Casino – Slots Machines

Love playing Farm games in Facebook? Well in that case, you are going to love and adore this specific Farm Casino game. The most interesting feature of this Farm Casino game is that it allows you to compete with your friends who are into facebook or Dragonplay. This is a perfect treat for those casual gamblers who want to get the best of the both worlds – casino and facebook. Some of its other features are – free spins, scatters, multi-line slots, five reel slots and more.

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