Top 5 Books on Gambling You Must Read

Everyone needs a little leg up when they are learning something new, especially something that can potentially lead them to bankruptcy! Gambling is not bad when done in moderation; and done right. Here are some books that will acquaint you with the vast world of gambling.

Get the Edge at Roulette (Scoblete Get-The-Edge)

Get the Edge at Roulette by Christopher Pawlicki

This is one of those games where the house has the upper hand; your every win is based on luck, or is it? Even a non gambler knows that more you lose, the more your chances to win rises. Pawlicki’s brilliant work on the other hand guides you to find the weakest roulette table. He takes you through the construction of these tables so that you can spot a table that has a bias and a dealer with a predictable spin. This is not exactly a cheat sheet for the roulette, but a guide on how you can beat the system. With the information in this book and hours of practice you might just get deliberately lucky!

Dummy Up And Deal Inside The Culture Of Casino Dealing

Dummy Up and Deal by H. Lee Barnes

Barnes’ book takes us back to the time around 1970’s and 80’s when he served as a dealer in the Las Vegas casino strip for 17 years. Back then bagging a dealer’s job was hard and keeping it was even harder. While to the eyes of the common man, being a dealer a fascinating job away from the usual 9 to 5, he speaks of his own disillusionment along with a few of his dealer friends. The stories and anecdotes provided by him and his fellow dealers throw a light on what really happened on the casino circuit all those years ago. While people say things have changed, anyone intending to be a dealer should read this to have a better understanding of the industry.

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Slot Machines by Marshall Fey

Written by the grandson of the Charles Fey, the inventor of the three reel slot machine, this book takes you on a journey of 100 years through the evolution of the slot machine. With over 600 pictures including some of the family heirlooms like the ancient slot machine, this book does not get boring. The short stories accompanying the pictures include advice on collecting, restoration and information about how the machines work. You will even get an idea about how mathematics and chance is translated into payoffs in the new age machines.

Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker

Optimal Strategy For Pai Gow Poker by Stanford Wong

Pai Gow was traditionally a game that was played using tiles similar to dominoes; later the rules were changed to include a standard 52 deck of cards. Stanford Wong is a celebrated champion in casino gambling and this extensive read claims to turn a complete novice into an expert player. Wong had earlier written about other casino games like blackjack and his stress on mathematics is very apparent. This too is treated as an instructional book that deals with the subject in a dry, clinical manner. If you sincerely want to learn the game, this book will do the task, but without back stories, illustrations or personal touch, this can be a dull read.


Be the King of Small Stakes Tournaments By Mike Exinger

For a short and sweet guide to small stakes poker tournaments, this is the go-to book. With just 64 pages, even people with a little patience can get through the end of the book quite swiftly. The book starts with a rather long, 12 pages, introduction, then jumps straight into the single table tournaments. The information given here is basic but sound and logical, perfect for new players who have no strategy. This is however not exactly a book that teaches you how to play poker; it teaches you how to play small stakes tournaments so keep that in mind when purchasing it.

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