Things That You Should Do in Vegas But Not In Casino

Las Vegas. The mere mention of the city bring smile to the face of most people. Wow Las Vegas, the great Sin City on the planet earth where you can get to enjoy some of the most amazing things on earth. However, the problem with some people tends to confuse Las Vegas with casinos. They think that there is nothing to do in Las Vegas if you are not playing casino game.

But the truth is Las Vegas has more to offer than just casino entertainment. Of course, casino has become a culture of Las Vegas and we just can’t deny it but Las Vegas has more to offer to entertainment seekers.

Below we are going to discuss some other options that you are supposed to do while in Las Vegas –

Red Rock Canyon

If you have a thing for natural beauties and love to inspect nature from up close, you are going to love Red Rock Canyon. This place is located just 15 miles of the city and is enriched with beautiful natural scenery.

Those of you, who want to enjoy an adrenal rush, should opt for hiking. Las Vegas has some of the best hiking destinations in the United States.  However, those of you who don’t want to get involved any physical activities should take the 13-mile scenic drive to rejuvenate them.

Indoor Skydiving

Wish to experience the thrill of skydiving but scared of height or want to avoid then hazard that comes with such freefall? In that case, you should opt for Las Vegas’ most famous indoor skydiving option. This famous indoor skydiving has been in operation since 1982 and people are in love with it. The freefalling experience is recreated by using a vertical wind tunnel and it has padded walls and mesh trampoline that will ensure that nothing untoward happens during the freefall.

Strip clubs

Of course, Strip Clubs are a major attraction of Las Vegas and it boasts of some of the most sexist strip clubs of the world. Treasures, Sapphire, Spearmint Rhino etc are some of the most popular Strip Clubs situated in Las Vegas.

However, you need to be at least 18 years or older to be able to get access to those Strip Clubs. The charges are as expected hefty.

Pinball Hall of Fame

Those, who are planning to visit Las Vegas with their family, fear not as Las Vegas also has to offer for families. Las Vegas is the home of Pinball Hall of Fame where you will get to play 250 different types of classic pinball machines.

Outlet malls

Shopping Malls are so passé. When you are in Las Vegas, you need to make sure that you have visited any of the two most popular outlet malls to get the taste of how it feels to do marketing in a different way. Moreover, shopping is not everybody’s cup of tea and therefore, it makes sense that you take a short drive to Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas. Las Vegas Premium Outlets is another popular destination. You will get substantial discount from the shops if you know how to bargain.

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