Some Bad Casino Bets to Avoid

We all know (or at least we should) that winning in the casino is like trying to beat the odds that are against us. Every business is started with the interest of making profits and each business owner tries to tip the scales in his favour. In the casino business, you can tip the scales greatly in your favour. While that it is great for the owners, the people who are playing in the casinos risk incurring heavy losses in the deal.

But that should not put you off from a fun day at the casino; all you need to do is be a little wise about your surroundings and choose your bets carefully. There are some bets in the casino where the house enjoys a greater advantage and control. Try not to lose your fortunes on these then you could give your luck a fairer chance to win.

In the last 12 months, a survey has revealed how much certain games hold or win and it is not always the house edge that matters; it is how much the casino is earning overall.

Pai Gow Poker

This one is a trickster. Pai Gow Poker has been a popular casino game for a long time now. People chose this game as this gives the player the apparent sense of control. They get to arrange their seven cards into the best 5-card hand and a 2-card hand the way they want. But even so the house has an edge that you are not aware of. Over the past 12 months, it has been found that 30 casinos collectively have 103 tables, and the games held 20.27 percent.


This game is losing its popularity and does not have the same charm as it had 10 years ago. Still you will find this game in most casinos. You can still play this game of course, but treat it like a mini lottery where you invest as little as possible. Perhaps you can play while you are waiting for your table or in between tables when you are looking for something light-hearted. The machine versions are much faster and have higher chances of win. Even so, it was found that in the live version of the game, the casino held 30.16 % in a span of one year.

Three Card Poker

On the face of it, this is the most lucrative game to play in the casino. The house edge is as low as 4% on ante bet, the pair plus wager is slightly higher at 7.28% while a combined overall edge is a 5.32%. In the mini-royal flush, it is even better. Even the payoffs are good with a 40-1 in a straight flush and a 50-1 in a mini royal, which happens often. Then why is this popular, easy to play and high returns game tagged as one of the most expensive games in the casino? The survey has revealed that in 33 casinos, across 147 tables, the casinos held a combined total of 31.61%, whereas in case of blackjack it is only 10.32%. While you may have a great luck at three card poker and think all these numbers are simply rubbish, the survey takes into context a larger picture which reveals the truth in a broader perspective.

When you set out to gamble you cannot always be so calculative, especially if you are an occasional gambler who just want to have a little fun. You might want to try all the games in the casino with equal vigour. But it is important to take some wide decisions and make wiser choices; after all, losing money is not really fun for anyone.

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