Roulette Table Etiquette That We need to Respect

Roulette has always been associated with thrills, passion and mystery. A roulette table is always brimming with endless possibilities and since the stakes are always high on this game, it manages to grab the attention of people especially the newcomers. Though the rules of the game are not that difficult, there are certain etiquette to be followed. Here we are going to get a look at some Roulette etiquette that every gambler should follow no matter what –


You need to understand that the wager must be placed before the new spin beings. It is customary for the dealer to make an announcement like this – ‘no more bets’ before the spin begins. Making changes in the bets or even touching the chips is not allowed once the spin has begun. If you are unsure about where to place the bets, you should ask for the advice of the dealer. The dealers are in most cases friendly and they don’t mind guiding the players. You should not touch the chips of other players because this goes against the rules. Some people may treat this as an attempt to cheat and might lead to scuffle if you do this in a high stake game. You also need to wait till the dealer calls the number. The dealer will move the chips to the respective players and therefore, there is no need to grab your chips before that.

Joining a Table

You should not hurry the dealer to get your chips. You need to wait patiently if you have arrived in the middle of a game. Allow the dealer to free his hands before being able to get your chips. Always ask for the denomination of the chips to avoid further humiliation. You need to understand that in some tables the lowest denomination of chip available maybe as high as £100 whereas in some tables, the denomination could be as low as £1. So, please sure that you have asked the dealer about the denomination before anything else to avoid embarrassment.

Cashing out

You should be impatient to cash out the chips. Believe me nobody is there to steal your chips. You need to ask the dealer when he is not busy to cash out the chips. The dealer will forward the chips to the desk where they will be converted to cash.


It is very common practice among gamblers to offer tips to the dealers. However, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to offering tips. The amount is up to you. You are expected to pay some extra tips when you won something big. However, there are certain casinos where paying tips goes against the guidelines and therefore, you need to read the regulation carefully before offering any tips to dealer.

General etiquette

There is some general etiquette that you are supposed to follow when you are playing roulette. You should go wild or be boisterous in the casino. However, a little bit of excitement and fun is okay. Under no circumstances, you should be causing inconvenience to other players. If you cause trouble to other players, the casino might ask you to leave.

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