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Rock and Roll Bingo to Bring in Younger Crowds

It cannot be denied that over the years, bingo has been associated with the elderly, female population.  When most of us think about a game of bingo, we picture a group of old ladies in a sparse bingo hall with their pens and paper at hand.

The rise of the internet and online gaming has paved the way for the surge of online bingo, which has opened up the beloved pastime to a much broader demographic of players.  The game is now played by a much younger age group, and is less female-dominated.

Demonstrating the game’s transition to a younger crowd, Rebel bingo was invented; an event which aimed to blend a night club atmosphere with bingo.  Slightly more recently, a man named Mark Walsh invented Rock and Roll Bingo, which combined bingo with pub quizzes.

Rock n Roll Bingo

Walsh first came up with the idea back in 2007 when he was in his local bar, participating in the pub quiz.  He started thinking about his grandmother’s regular bingo games when the idea came to him – why not merge the excitement of a pub quiz music round and the game of bingo?  Players would have to listen to the song and mark down the song names on their cards.  Just like in the traditional game, players would be rewarded for getting a line, two lines, four corners or a full house.

Test Run in the Local

To test out his idea before putting his money behind it, Mark Walsh decided to play out the idea to his friends and family in the local pub.  30 people came along for the event and the reactions were very positive. His friends said that they loved it and that it created a really exciting atmosphere.

In a bid to avoid turning into a travelling quizmaster, Mark chose to record a voiceover, which could be distributed with the game, so that it could be played anywhere.  The idea was that the game could be played without the need for any support; simple press play and let the game commence.

Faced with Challenges

The first obstacle that he was faced with was obtaining the licenses needed to legally play the songs.  As soon as he could deal with this issue, the product would be well and truly ready for commercialization.  The first unit went to his former university for £100 and it proved to be hugely successful.  He spent the next couple of years marketing his idea and making numerous different playlists.

His Rock and Roll Bingo concept has only gone from strength to strength since then and today, Mark Walsh has well over 2,000 customers, mainly spanning across pubs and charities!  His forward plans are now to expand into Europe and across the Atlantic.

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