Psychological Tricks behind the Success of Casino

Let’s try to cool down and think for a moment why so many people visit casinos every year. It is hard to realize the truth that casino does not offer any service or any products. All it offers is a form of excitement and a remote chance of winning a big amount. But is this temptation enough to draw the attention of hundreds of people around the world and make them spend the last penny in their pocket caring a little for their existing financial conditions? It does not look like so. There is something more than what meets the eyes here.

Marketers know how difficult it is for them to sell a product to a prospective customer.  People struggle to sell products even when the product is genuinely good and serves the interest of the customers. Then the big question is – how on earth these casinos have managed to make people spend money lavishly even when the chance of winning is infinitesimal.

Interior Design

The casinos are winning the game because they have incorporated some psychological tricks that help them win the trust of the players. The most prominent and perhaps the most powerful psychological trigger is the interior design of the casinos. The interior is designed in a way to create a trance like state by using bright lights and by blocking the entrance of sun light. Moreover, the lack of watches makes it even more tough for visitors to keep track of time and therefore, they end up spending more than  what they have calculated earlier. Music is being played continuously and the availability of free drinks makes it even more difficult for people to leave the place. It is like a psychological trap which is created painstakingly to make people spend more time and eventually end up spending more money than what has planned before.

The Thrill of Near Wins

Rumors are that near-misses are tactically created to encourage gamblers to try on their luck again and again. Believe it or not, gambling has never been about wining; rather it is always about feeling the thrill of the possibility of winning a grand amount. It is all about suspense and the intensity. Near misses make a gambler more aggressive and make them believe that if they bet more money or play for longer hours, maybe the chances of winning will increase steadily. On the flip side, people stop playing once they receive a huge amount of money. So, gambling is never about winning large money rather it is about the feel that they can win money if lady luck favors.

The Sweet Scent Success

I am no taker of some insane conspiracy theory. Well, you may love them or hate but the problem is that they are here and they are here to stay because people love to hear them. Once such conspiracy theory is that casinos pump oxygen to make the people go overactive and spend more money. However this has got nothing to do with the truth. Truth is that some casino owners use pleasant scent to make people feel good and it has been observed that when good smell is sprayed on certain places in a casino, revenue from those machines increases significantly. Probably this is the reason why casino owners spend so much on scents.

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