Proposed East Windsor Casino Moves Forward

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that the casino business is booming. More and more individuals throughout the world are partaking in the exciting world of gambling and this is very lucrative for the casinos. In fact, it has been extremely lucrative for the East Windsor Casino. As of money this multi-million-dollar business started demolition of a planned $300 million casino. However, to the surprise of the casino the construction process will have to be put on hold until the dispute between the federal regulators and the tribal operators is resolved.

The Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes are jointly building the East Windsor Casino and had plans of moving forward after the demolition, but a competitive threat for the MGM Resorts International has put the whole project on hold. The issue is expected to be resolved in the last spring or early summer, but it still halts the progress beyond what the tribe had wished for.

While this is the tribe’s third casino, it will be their first located off tribal reservation land. So, this does throw some kinks into their plans. It was stated last year that the approval of the Department Of Interior was required in order for the building process to move forward. The chairman of the Mohegan Tribe has stated that they are on the right side of things and that they have faced a number of matters like this one in the past. The Department Of Interior and the Bureau Of Indian Affairs have gone head to head on more than one occasion, but the tribesman is confident that they will come out on top. Learn more about online gambling at

The reason this dispute came to light in the first place was because The Department Of Interior was concerned with how the new casino would affect the existing slot machine revenue-sharing agreements with the state. MGM has done everything within their power to aggressively lobby against the expansion. MGM has used the argument that the state would get a much better deal by allowing different operators to bid on the project and negotiate a revenue-sharing agreement. MGM has even gone as far to propose a waterfront casino in the Bridgeport area.

MGM really turned up the heat over the weekend when they brought this issue to light amongst the East Windsor residents. And, they didn’t this by sending out letters to the citizens of East Windsor that was titled “East Windsor taxpayer got a bad deal. It’s Time for a do-over.” This will surely raise some heads and open some eyes to what the proposed issue. MGM did this in a matter to urge the residents to take the matter to the local board. However, the tribes still remain unconcerned with the issue, and it looks like their confidence has proven them well. As of Tuesday the tribe was granted the permit that they needed and the building of the casino will move on.

The nearly 200,000-square-foot casino and five-story parking garage, is expected to cost approximately $300 million. The poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps tables, along with the slots will be spread across one massive floor. This layout is fairly similar to other casinos.

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