Poker Psychology – The Ultimate Guide

Poker is a game of skill and luck. Well, you are telling the half-baked truth because without reading the psychology of other players, you are never going to win a poker game. Besides learning the psychology of other players, it is imperative for you to get yourself mentally prepared otherwise all your effort to make money from gambling will fall flat to the ground. Here we are going to give you a basic idea of the psychology behind the greatest gambling game of all time – Poker. 

Focus on micro-expressions

If you happen to have watched numerous casino movies, it might have got into your head that people will make certain and easily identifiable body movements. Well that rarely happens in real time. When people are bluffing, you certainly can’t expect them to rub their noses. These things happen only in reel-life and not in real life. Rather in real life, you need to observe people carefully and try to spot any anomaly in their behavior. You will be able to get to know more about them by observing micro-expression.

Emotional Players

It is a fact that if you get emotional while playing poker, you are more likely to take risk and eventually lose badly. To stop this from happening, you need to keep a check on your emotion and try to remain calm even under extreme stress. This is the secret to success. Now, don’t try to find players who seem to get emotional, rather you should be creating an environment where your opponent players get emotionally charged up and ended up making bad decisions.

Have a Strategy

You should not allow other players to get winds of your card details. For example, if you are raising bets quickly, other players will easily understand that you have got a good hand and therefore, you have become impatient to earn big. You have to be cautious as not to give any kind of hints about your cards even inadvertently to your opponents otherwise all your efforts will go wasted. Before you start playing poker, you need to have a proper plan ready otherwise you will end up losing game every time badly.

Know the Psychology of Different Players

There are four types of poker players that you might have to encounter in your gambling career. Passive Players are those who bet very infrequently rather they wait for other players who get the game going. Aggressive Players are those who raise bids every now and then to increase pressure on other players. Loose Players are those bid timidly and participate in a game with lower hands. Tight players are those who hesitate and think a lot before making a move; they also player fewer hands. You need to check out characteristics of different players to be able to understand the psychology of different players.

Know Thyself

Before you start analyzing the psychology of other players, you need to understand yourself first and the best way you can do this is by tracking how you react to extreme conditions. When you have full control over yourself, you will be able to give your opponent a run for your money.

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