Things That You Should Know Before You Play Poker

Playing poker online and playing it in a real life casino is a different ballgame altogether. You simply cannot ignore the thrill and the passion of playing in real world. Playing live poker is an amazing experience in itself. You will meet different people and players. But before anything else, you need to get yourself acquainted with some etiquette which is quite common in the Poker circle. Don’t know beans about them? Don’t worry because here we are going to get you acquainted with the dos and don’ts of Live Poker so that you would not have to face any embarrassing situation –

Be Polite

Just because you have come to play poker does not mean that you should not interact with others. You are free to have a little chitchat with fellow players. During a game, you will find most players showing a spirit of sportsmanship. However, don’t be talkative because this might interfere with the concentration level of other players. Light and friendly talk is perfectly okay as long as you are not disturbing anyone. So, don’t be over aggressive while playing and there is definitely no need to offend your opponent to get some psychological advantages.

Don’t Take Too Long Time

Of course we are not asking you to make decision in a hurry because if you do so, you will always make bad decision and therefore, the probability of winning in the game will be much lower. People don’t mind if you take time to make decision about the next move but wasting time on food, drinks or just daydreaming is something that is frowned upon.

You Should Not Mumble While Stating Your Bet

There are some people who don’t speak clearly when it comes to stating their bet amount. You are also not allowed to call and raise your bet because this is illegal in poker. When you are betting, you need to say the words clearly and emphatically so that everybody around can hear them properly.

Don’t Ask To Show Their Hands

The rule says a player can ask another player to show his cards if he believes that the player is cheating. So, you have to right to ask to see mucked cards but this is a very poor etiquette. When you are asking someone to show his hand, you are basically questioning his integrity, if not calling him a cheater. So you need to think twice before asking someone to show his hand.

Don’t be Over Excited

Winning and losing is a part of Poker and therefore, you need to accept the outcome stoically. Don’t go over the moon in case you manage to win a huge amount of money because this is just plain wrong and also you should not be whining in case you have lost a game. You need to accept the outcome no matter what it is by restraining your emotions.

Careful With Cards

Spilling drinks on cards, tearing them intentionally, adding some marks on them or bending cards forcefully are strictly not allowed in Poker game because these types of activities are deemed as an attempt to manipulate the outcome of the game. These are considered as cheating tactics and therefore, you should not be doing them while playing poker game.

This article is contributed by Stacy Summner, who is a well known casino blogger and a member of the popular gambling forum – BonusParadise.

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