Play The Best Games In One Night At The Casino

There are many who can barely sneak out one day for the casinos, even if it means traveling long distances. Unfortunately casinos are scattered across the country and if you like the ambience of casinos, it means taking out time and traveling miles for just a day. When you have time for just a casino day-trip, you really need to make the most of the day. But how? In this article we will be sharing a few tips on how to make the best of the night and also talk about a few beatable games.

Tips You Should Remember Before You Start Playing

Tip 1 – Check The Place Properly

The first deal is not to start playing as soon as you step inside the casino. The glitz and glamour will surely impress and induce but don’t be tempted too soon. Resist the temptation and move across the casino to see what are the boards laid, which game is attracting more people etc. Give yourself 20 minutes to move around the casino, not stopping anywhere for too long.

Tip 2 – Identify The Game You Enjoy the Most

Have it very clear in your mind that you cannot possibly play all the games in those few hours and neither can you waste time on a game only to realize much later that you are not enjoying at that table. If you are a regular player, you would know which game works best for you and which doesn’t. You can’t be blowing your bankroll on games where you won’t win, can you?

Tip 3 – Plan Your Sessions

Do what most professional gamblers do – plan your sessions. There are two ways of planning – precisely know how much time you have in hand for playing and secondly have a strategy in mind if you plan on juggling on more than one game.

Now that you have checked the casino and know where to begin, you should also be acquainted with some of the beatable casino games. It’s best to play the beatable games so that in a short span of time you get to make the most.

Most Beatable Casino Games


If there is one game you should try while in a casino, it is Blackjack for the simple reason that you can easily beat your opponent if you follow a few favorable rules. Start by playing the game which pays 3:2 for a ‘natural’ ace/ten. Do not forget to use optimal strategy (or basic strategy) while playing Blackjack. Play correctly and the chances of you winning is really high but play incorrectly and raise the stakes against you. Be wary of slot machines which claim to pay 2:1 for natural when the real payout is 2 for 1. 


Baccarat looks tougher that it actually is. The trick lies in knowing what to bet on. Since the dealer or the caller does all the work, it is important to bet on the banker or the player and never on a tie. Try this strategy and the house edge will be just over 1%.


It’s all about knowing the right strategy to play craps. We give you an optimal strategy to keep winning in this game – come or don’t come, pass line or don’t and take or lay the odds 5mg cialis. Remember the total house edge is less than 1% on a bet with odds. Try to avoid all bets other than those on place 6 and place 8.

Winning in casino is hardly about luck but more about strategies and when you have just a night to play, strategies are all that will help you win.

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