MIT Blackjack Team Strategy – Top Card Counting Secrets To Beat The Casinos.

The famous movie “21” showed a true life story of how MIT blackjack team took the casinos in Las Vegas by storm and carted millions of dollars. Other modern day stories of gambling systems that work are at this great site: 

The MIT team employed card counting as the center of their system; it was stand out among various tactics in their winning method. And to be fair, it wasn’t ordinary card counting. It included a high-low system, that takes into account the statistical likelihood of getting high or low cards; and also added an extra technique for cutting the cards which goes on to change the odds in their favor.

As this huge winnings continued, the casino managements in Las Vegas discovered that these guys (card counters) apply some tricks to keep winning the table. In order not to lose, they developed various means for identifying professional card counters whenever they visit. The managements also ensured that they make the play table a horrible one for any card counter they identified and should he manage to pull out a good win, they’ll instantly ban him. That action brought MIT blackjack team’s reign to a stop.

But one can still use this awesome strategy to win good money anytime, replicating the same success enjoyed by those MIT blackjack team without getting caught.

But first, we should think of why the MIT blackjack team was caught.

The major reason is obviously their continuous quest to win big in every occasion. They kept making millions from the Casino even when the odds indicate that the casino should be cashing in rather than losing. They failed to understand that the casino should win at times in order to keep the game alive.


But when you win between 10 to 50k on each of your irregular trips to Vegas, no one would consider monitoring your activities. No one pays special attention to small chunk winners especially when they do not visit regularly. The casinos bother less about few winnings because they believe that while few people are winning, many others are also losing. MIT blackjack team member’s faces were becoming familiar as they kept on winning huge amount of money every weekend – Greed killed their reign.

How To Go About The MIT Blackjack Team Strategy

To succeed with this, team play must come into work. You will be easily detected if you play without a team. In accordance to the count, there is the need to vary your bet and hit, stand, double or split differently. On count rise, the cards turn in your favor and if you choose to raise your bet from say $20 to $200, you would be suspected. But with team play, nobody notices that because once the count is high and in your favor, you simply signal your partner that plays big hand to bet.. The casino would surely perceive that as normal since the other guy had been repeatedly staking high.

The best way to succeed in Casino is to form a team in your area; the team must comprise of only those who have strong thirst and zeal to beat casino since just a little error can lead to big loss. You will find most people to have initial interest in your group idea but choose only those with burning motivation required to go through the hard-work of many practices to master the system. Ensure you never persuade anyone to join your group; working with like minds would make your group a great deal cialis kaufen deutschland.

What To Master Before Heading To Vegas With Your Team

First step – basic blackjack strategy

When you’re set to begin practice, start by learning the basic blackjack strategy. You have to practice it until it becomes part of your attitude because the events will continually be needed (e.g. do always split 8’s and A’s) at the casino table. An error committed at anytime especially when big money is at stake will rain great hurt on you; you therefore need to practice until you can remember the strategies even while asleep.

Next step – learn, practice and master counting.

The MIT blackjack team made use of high-low count. In counting, cards A, K, Q, J and 10 all have value of -1, and cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 all have +1 as value while cards 7, 8, 9 are neutral cards with 0 value. When the count increases, it implies that the cards on the deck at that moment comprise more of high value cards; simply put – the deck is in your favor. Therefore, if you get a +8, it means that out of the number of decks you began with, there are now 8 existing face cards more than low cards. And to discover the true count, you will be required to divide the running count i.e. +8 by the remaining decks. Here is a more detailed example; if the running count is +8 and the remaining decks are 4 in number, your true count becomes 8 divided by 4 which results to 2. Again, if only 2 decks are remaining, the true count becomes 4.

Your true count determines how much you bet your games. For instance, if your units are 10 bucks when the true cunt is 2 , you would be required to bet 2 x 10 = $20 per hand. Using the system, you vary your bets using the count value. You can find more details of winning gambling strategies here.

Lastly – How to hit, stand, split, or double using the card count

This is the last technique you need to master after learning how to count. It is actually the most difficult part to learn due to the series of rules involved. But who says you cannot do it? The best way to master this part is to purchase online software that will enable you practice regularly until you master the game. There is no means of earning good money that requires no sacrifice. If you are motivated enough, this would be very much easier and you will soon become the guru you desire.

Once every single person in your group attains this level, you move on to practice as a team and eventually go all out to make some dollars in the Casinos. But hey! Don’t be greedy – he who fights and run lives to fight another day.

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