Lucky Charms and Gambling – The Curious Combination

Gambling and luck seem to be intertwined so intricately that people sometimes tend to believe that it is almost impossible to win in a gamble if lady luck does not favor them. Believe it or not, just hard work and experience is not enough when it comes to win a gamble. Unless you get a bit lucky, the dice will never be on your side. To woo the lady luck, gamblers have been acting strangely throughout the ages and if you take a look around carefully, you will find there are some people, who are treating different objects as their lucky charms to keep the bad luck at bay. Here we are going to take a look around some of these practices that are prevalent even today –  


This trick was popular in old days. Earlier gamblers were in the habit of carrying around nutmegs that were stuffed with quicksilver in the hope that will ward off the evil and the bad luck. Gamblers used to believe that these nutmegs would help them win big money in gambling. However, if you concerned about safety as these nutmegs contain mercury, you can always give unfilled nutmeg a try.


If Norse folklore is anything to go by, Acorns is associated with good fortune and a symbol of luck. Traditionally, acorns are made from oak tree but since Oak trees are not available everywhere, you can woo luck acorns made of other materials like gold, silver etc.

Mystic Knot

Do you have any idea about the Goddess of Wealth – Goddess Lakshmi? If not, you should better be. According to mythology, mystic knot has a close association with the Goddess Lakshmi. Mystic Knot looks like it has no beginning nor does it have any end. So, you need to make it a point that whenever you are gambling, you need to keep this knot close at hand.


Some people believe that if you can keep three keys on a single ring, it might court good luck. So, try to keep this in your pocket, whenever you are about to gamble.

Lucky Bamboo

Okay, don’t get confused. Lucky Bamboo has nothing to do with Bamboo. Rather it is a completely difference species but looks somewhat like bamboo. It is believed that Lucky Bamboo is somehow associated with good luck. Stalks the plant is directly proportional to the amount of luck it brings.

Badger Tooth

Honestly speaking locating a badger tooth is very hard these days. But imagine for a second that you manage to get your hands on it, it will bring fame and fortune. So, what are you waiting for keep searching for it?

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