Luckiest Casino Jackpot Winners and Their Unusual Stories

Casinos are meant to make some people filthy rich but as we are all aware that rarely happens. Most of us enter a casino to feel the pulsating atmosphere and to have good time. Of course, we do try to test our luck by rolling the dices but lady luck still is not impressed by our so called efforts. However, we may never know that possibly the next spin or the next flip or the next lottery ticket could have changed our lives forever.

It is fact that jackpots are won every single day and therefore, it is no surprise that some people will eventually become rich but here we are going to give an account of some gamblers who won jackpot by sheer lucks despite all the odd stacked against them. Read their incredible stories

Leprechauns Luck

It happened in December 2012, a guy without any such association with gambling managed to win a hopping £341,259 while playing Leprechaun’s Luck slot game casually on his iPhone. This story will go down in the history as one of the biggest mobile jackpot wins. The guy remained anonymous for the rest his life and for good reason. The only details that we have about that lad is that – he is 28 something guy from London and he placed a £12 bet while playing the mobile version of the William Hill Casino game. Legend has it that the guy had bought a BMW X5 for his wife and had a tour to India to celebrate this windfall.

Bingo Jackpot

This could be the best thing happen to a 60 years old guy. John Orchard did not have any idea that his small move in an online bingo would fetch him this much fortune. In an uneventful December 2012, John Orchard did the unthinkable. He won a massive £5.9 million. Till now, he is considered as one of the top three online bingo winners. As obvious, his life changed completely as soon as he heard the news. He left his job at Jobcentre and bought home a brand new Jaguar XF.

Roulette Jackpot

This is another incredible story of a person named Ashley Revell who sold all his belonging, everything to fund his journey to Las Vegas and make one bet. Yup, by selling his car, house and other things, he managed to raise $135,300 and he just approached a random roulette table and bet all his life’s saving on red. Bingo, he managed to come through with flying colors. He doubled the money and left the casino. He brought with him a documentary to record his journey and the documentary is now available with the following title – ‘Double or Nothing’.

Unravel the Secrets of Roulette System

Imagine yourself winning a massive $400,000 in 1870s. Can’t even imagine it right? Well this is what was achieved by a guy named Joseph Jagger. This guy won a super massive $400,000, modern equivalent of $7 million by careful examining roulette wheels. After the examination, they came to the conclusion that some number appear more often than other number. They used this finding and managed to win two million francs in just two days.


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