How to Respond Smartly To Your Mistakes At The Poker Table?

Player errors are common and when it comes to the casino poker tables; there is no end to the silly mistakes committed by even the most expert hands in the game. Humans do make mistakes at most stages of their lives and the game of poker is no exception. Most of these poker table mistakes are the ones that you didn’t intend to make. One must keep in mind that even the most expert poker players can have a bad day. The best you can do to avoid these mistakes is to learn a few basics of the game and even if you can’t, you must learn the art of managing the way you react. Be smart even when you have made mistakes or you think you might lose.

Right at the poker table, no player wants to be found doing something stupid but it might happen and before it completely tarnishes your image, you can turn the tables. Now here we don’t mean poker tables! In order to avoid any serious humiliation, you can do things that would help you create an environment where no one would come to know that you committed a mistake.

Here are some of the ways in which you can handle your mistakes at the poker table and make it look absolutely negligible.

Feeling shame or sorry about it

If you are out of the tournament for your mistake, be brave enough to stand up, turn around and step out of the scene. It is fair enough. You should not feel ashamed so much that you would hesitate showing your face to the same casino again. You committed a mistake so you were made to quit and that is alright.

Casting the blame

At poker tables, you might not want to play the blame game but when you realize you have committed a mistake that you were not supposed to, you must smartly try to act as if you are in the mess also because of someone else. This may sound silly but casting the blame partially on someone else indirectly might compensate a bit for your own act. Don’t fight but don’t just take the blame entirely. However, acknowledge your mistake finally. That’s interestingly the best way to go about it.

Get on with your game sooner

Learn the rules and all about the game sooner. Get on with the game and the possibilities of rectifying the mistake at any stage. Instead of asking someone else “what to do now?” you must be in a position to help yourself when you have committed a blunder. Let you be the kind of person to best suggest you the next step – even if it is proceeding to the exit gate! Learn to laugh at your mistake and learn a lesson from the same.

You are likely to make your first public blunder at the poker table and trust us if you can, there is no way to escape this part of the game. All commit mistakes but the art lies in handling the embarrassment with care and caution. Being humorous at the table would ensure that you are not hurting anyone either. Instead of getting mad and creating a scene, learn the art.

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