How To Play A Game of Poker With Friends

Poker as a card game has evolved over the years thanks to its increasing popularity among celebrities and its visibility in popular media. While poker as a game is played for recreation, its rules are quite stringent. Most of the time, new players fail to understand the game and partake in some unethical practices, very often, without realizing. 

Today we will see how playing poker with friends can be tricky, especially for new players. There is a practice called collusion where players team up and try to save each other’s game. It is very important for the new players to know at the very outset that poker is a highly individualistic game and even after several attempts to make it a group game, it continues to be popular in its original form cialis per nachnahme bestellen. Thus maliciously teaming up with a friend in a table of poker is completely unethical.

Why Does Collusion Occur?

In a typical scenario, friends plan and go to the casino to play poker. Knowing fully well the terms of the game, they understand the risk involved. When playing with money, a game of poker may bring out hard feelings between two friends and even damage their friendship. To prevent such an ugly scenario, the friends strike a deal of collusion.

How Does Collusion Happen?

There are several under-the-table methods of collusions. What we mention here may not be an exhaustive list, but you will get an idea of what surmounts to collusion.

Scenario 1 – One puts a raise, the other drops out of the pot. Complication avoided.

Scenario 2 – They agree they will never bluff to each other. So one knows when a strong bet comes from the other that it’s a strong hand.

Scenario 3 – They decide to never slow play each other. Slow play means when you have a monster hand but trick your opponent to thinking that you are the weak player on the table enticing him to keeping betting until you drop your hammer to make him lose.

Scenario 4 – They devise some sort of a secret hand signal. Using these signals one can indicate the other that he has the goods this time, telling the other to fold and let him keep playing.

Scenario 5 – The ultimate scenario would be when the two friends are only left in the table and have to play each other. This time they will always check every street rather than betting and raising the stakes.

It is important to reiterate that all these methods look enticing but are equally wrong. Poker should be played in the spirit of the game and not just about betting higher stakes and winning. In plain simple words when you use collusion on the poker table, you are cheating. If you are a new player and have been enticed by an old friend, a regular, to collusion, straight away reject the proposal. Also if you happen to suspect collusion on a table, immediately report the matter to the poker room managers, even if the complaint is against your friends or family.

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