How To Perfect Your Poker Face

A perfect poker face, or in fact no reaction at all, is one of the most crucial skills to successful poker playing. But have you ever thought about how to really perfect your poker face? This is one of the best strategies to edge past your competitors in casinos and wins big money. Please continue reading this article to find out best strategies to make the most of your casino gambling skills.

Perfecting your poker face is a part of the psychology of the masterful game. You don’t want opponents being able to read your moves before you make them so it is important that you master the skills of non-expression. Other elements to consider are body language and tone of voice. Have you been able to avoid blushing, smirking of even fidgeting when you’re feeling tense during a game?

To succeed with live events you need to master your poker face. Although there are some expressions that are nearly impossible to avoid, you can work towards controlling them. If you usually show a great deal of expression you will need to practice looking neutral. A good way to do this is to find a focal point, such as a painting or spot on a wall, and focus on it. Keep your expression as neutral as you can and try to avoid looking at your cards or checking out your opponent. It doesn’t matter if you feel silly trying to look neutral it’s better than looking excited or guilty during your game.

If you’ve been told that your eyes say it all try wearing sunglasses or a hat with a peak which will make it difficult to make out your eyes. Be sure you are comfortable though and that your own vision isn’t blocked.

You will need to practice self-awareness and how to suppress your emotions. Place yourself in front of a mirror and watch your face carefully. Pretend you have an amazing hand of cards. Do your eyes light up?

Try to record video footage of you playing a hand to see what your facial expressions and body language say. You could even try placing a mirror near your telephone and watching your expression when you chat. Determine what your telltale signs are, such as pupils darting around, feet tapping or a tense jaw. Once you’ve figured these out you can get to work on perfecting a neutral poker face.

While you work on how to perfect your poker face, think of it as acting. You want to behave in way that is misleading to your opponents. Try to pick a certain default expression that is as close as possible to your natural look and get that expression in place as soon as the hand begins. Think of it as wearing a mask.

The perfect poker face doesn’t just put opponents off knowing what type of hand you are playing but it sets you apart as a professional and gives you a great sense of power during your games. In fact your poke face is arguably the most essential skill for a beginner to perfect early on. It may be the most difficult skill to master but it will have you on your way to winning games!


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