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Golden Rules on the Roulette Table

Roulette is an exciting and fast-paced casino game available to all online operators. It is one of the oldest casino games and consists of betting where the ball will stop when the wheel stops spinning.

If you play the European Roulette mode, the ball can stop at any number between 0 and 36. The player can choose between “internal bets” and “external bets”, depending on the strategy he uses.


An “internal” bet is to bet on a full (a single number) or a horse (two numbers at the same time). The correctness of a bet on the full is paid at 35/1, while a bet on a pair or horse is paid at 17/1.

There is also the opportunity to bet on a “corner”, which covers four numbers at a time. This type of bets is paid at 8/1, which substantially reduces the profits you can get if you hit.

If you decide to make “internal” bets, we recommend that you choose a series of bets in full, instead of horses and corners. The 35/1 payment reduces the casino advantage to a greater extent than does the 8/1 payment of a corner.


The “external bets” are those that are made in the outer area of ​​the mat. Most of them offer a payment of 2/1, or the return of the bet, and the most common are the bets to red or black, to odd or even already it happens or it lacks.

When you make an “outside bet” and the ball stops at the number zero, you will not win anything, regardless of whether you bet on red or black, odd or even or pass or miss.

The same loss criterion is applied to “outside bets” with payment 2/1 as the “column bet”, in which the player bets on which column of numbers will contain the winning number.

The first column contains the numbers 1,4,7 and thereafter, the second contains 2,5, 8 and thereafter, and the third column 3, 6, 9 and up. The three columns continue their numbering up to numbers 34, 35 and 36, and contain twelve numbers each.


Online casinos like 888 set very low amounts for minimum bets and allow you to play with much lower bets if you compare them with those that can be done in real casinos.

It is common to find online tables with minimum bets of 10 cents for “internal bets” and 20 cents for “external bets”, so you can play without too much risk, even if you do not have too much money.

If you are going to bet more than one number on a play, it is worthwhile to make small “internal bets”. Choosing 10 different numbers and betting 1 euro on each of them you have a potential profit of 36 euros if you succeed.

If you decide to make “outside bets” with the return of the bet or receiving double what you bet, it is advisable to raise the amount. Winning 1 euro for each move is not too exciting, so you usually raise the “external” bet to 5 or 10 euros.


Before making the first bet of each game session in online roulette, you must plan your bets based on the money you have.

In roulette you can try different strategies, although like any other casino game the results will depend on chance and a few days you will win, while others will end up losing.

Your goal is to earn money and finish the roulette session with benefits, but you have to prepare to leave the table with losses those days when it seems that your numbers do not want to leave.

The winning sessions are very rewarding. However, you must have a plan for when things go wrong. In online roulette you only have to bet the money you can afford to lose. If your budget is 50 euros, plan bets based on that amount. For example, choose five different numbers and bet one euro on each of them for ten moves, or bet ten times 5 euros on red or black, with the opportunity to double your bet each time and lose little when you do not hit.


There are many! The first is to try to recover the losses. If your roulette budget was 50 euros and you lost them because of bad luck, you should never try to “recover” them by betting more and entering a good run; that could not happen. Roulette is a game in which the casino has an advantage over you, so the odds of winning are always lower than losing.

While it is possible to continue playing and “recover” losses, the prospect of losing 100 euros is worse than losing the initial 50 euros you have brought to the table. Always keep it in mind.

Another aspect to consider is to stop playing when you have earned some money. For example, leave the game session when you reach 100 euros with your initial 50 euros. It is a good decision, although the idea of ​​continuing to bet on plenums, columns or even / odd and accumulating more money is very tempting.

A good system is to set a profit target and stop playing roulette when you reach it. Once you have the amount you have set, withdraw your money or invest it playing blackjack, video poker or online slots.


It is common to see that the same number is repeated in the space of several plays. Also, it is common to see the repetition of the colors red or black, although the odds of each of them is something less than 50% in each play. That red has been the winner five consecutive times, does not imply that the next number will also be red.

Some players apply the “law of averages” to consecutive sequences of the same color, betting on whether to continue or finish. However, online roulette software is verified by an independent body to ensure its randomness and, consequently, all numbers are exactly as likely to appear on the next play.


To do so, you must open an online account and make a deposit. With this you will have money to bet and you can start playing online roulette. European Roulette is a simple game in which there is only one zero, while in American Roulette you play with an additional double zero.

You must select the amount of bets you want to make in the “internal” and “external” zones of the game table. Usually, the amount varies between 10 cents to the highest bets, which can be 10 euros or more.

You can combine different amounts in each round. For example, bets of 10 cents to several full and a bet of 5 euros to red or black.

Also, remember that you can win more than one bet on each roulette play. If you bet 3 and complete it with “Odd” and “Red”, and the ball stops at number 3, you will win those three bets at the same time. Of course, if the ball stops at a black or odd number, you will lose all three bets at once!

Each time you win a bet at the roulette table, you will receive the money corresponding to the payment at your ATM and you can continue betting.

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