Facebook and Gambling – Where to Start

Facebook is certainly one of the most popular social networking sites right now and people login to this website to relieve themselves from the stress of their hectic lifestyle. Now, if you are a gambler, facebook also has something for you as well. It has some of the most amazing applications that will help you feel the thrill of gambling without driving down to the nearby casino. Thanks to these applications, you will be able to feel the excitement of playing casino gambling games. Check them out –

Super Slot Machines

This is one of the most popular slot games available in facebook that you can play for free. The rules of the game are very simple and it would not take more than few minutes to get the hang on this game. To start the game, you need to pull the lever and there you go. Whenever you pull the lever, it is going to cost you one credit and if you play well, you will earn tokens. You can redeem these tokens to buy virtual gifts. You can buy anything like birds, keys, gadgets etc on the web of course.

If you wish, you can also earn more credits by doing any of the followings – installing some facebook apps, signing up for the website, participating in different surveys or inviting your friends to play the game. If you are playing Royal Spin or Petting Zoo slot machine, you will be able to buy credits as well. The first 40 credits are free, however after that you will need to fork out $1.00 per 40 credits.

Lottery Tickets

Use your credits to purchase scratch and win tickets. This is a simple application where you get to scratch off the tickets in the virtual world and if lady luck favors you, you will be able to win tokens as well. Once you have gathered enough tokens, you will be able to trade them for some cool gifts. The gifts are going to be virtual for obvious. The gifts can be anything – it could be dinosaur, animal, monster or just simple plain food. Once you have got the complete set, you will be able to move up the level.

The first 50 credits are free. You can buy credits if you wish; it would cost you $1.00 for 50 credits. If you can get your friends play this game, you will also earn some credits as well. What is interesting is that you will get ten free tickets to play every day. The number of free tickets is directly proportional to your level. The higher your level is, the greater the amount of credits.

Texas HoldEm Poker

Yeah we all know the feeling when you feel like playing poker but all none of your friends have time for this. In that case, you need to check out the Facebook’s Texas HoldEm Poker game as this would give you the option to play poker game whenever you like, wherever you like. You just need to join a table to experience the thrill and passion of playing poker at the comfort of your home. If you invite some of your friends, you will get rewarded as well.

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