Chopping Blinds – The Guide

After a lot of thought and reading up on poker, you finally have arrived at a table and playing. A hand is being played and suddenly a player asks you if you want to “chop”. Now, don’t be bummed with the poker terms, chopping is a routine. Read on to know more.

Poker, being a gambling game, has ‘betting’ at the epicenter. The amount of money that is played for may vary as per the players wish or the place where you are playing. The basic term in poker is “the blind”. It implies the money that is put as a bet by all the players, before the cards are dealt for the game. Generally, any poker hand begins with a blind. As the blinds force the players to contribute to the pot, without knowing what the cards they would have, they get the game started.

Now, there is a “win” at the end of the game for the players to claim. There are two types of Blinds – Small Blind and Big Blind. The player sitting on the immediate left of the player is called the small blind. The small blind is a small amount of money bet by the player on the left of the “dealer”. The “big blind” is the player sitting to the immediate left of the small blind. The big blind has to bet an amount double the small blind. Now the game begins. The cards are now dealt and the rest of the players can call the bet, raise it, or fold. Once the dealer too, places his bet, he deals the “flop”. A flop is when the first three community cards are placed on the game table, face up. After this, at every betting round a card is added to the flop stack till the “river” round.

Chopping blind

In a typical Hold’em Poker game there are 4 betting rounds – Pre-flop, Flop, Turn and River. The last one is the showdown where the players, still in the game, show their cards and the one with the biggest hand wins the pot.

As mentioned at the beginning, if you are at a poker table and a player asks if you want to chop, this is what it means.

“Chopping the blinds” may occur only before a flop and only the “blinds” are eligible for it. Once the game has begun with the small and big blinds and then the cards are dealt, if the next player after the big blind folds and all the players after that along with the dealer, it is up to the small blind to opt for a “chop” or continue with the play till a good hand is dealt. If the big blind agrees, the blinds can withdraw the bet amounts that they had initially place and begin a new game.

However, be careful when you go for a chop as it is also seen as unethical in a game and can be disastrous for you too. Playing regularly will build your judgment about it!

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