Casino Etiquette That You Should Not Ignore

Casino is witnessing a raging popularity throughout the world. Just like any other games, this game too is played by following certain rules & regulations. However, due to over excitement & thrill, it is common among the casino players to behave in a weird way. That is where, the importance of learning casino etiquette, comes in picture.

If you are fond of playing casino games, you must make yourself aware about those important etiquette, which you are supposed to follow while playing casino games. If you are new to the casino world, learning such etiquette become although more essential. So, here go through the pre-requisite etiquette related to various popular casino games:


When you are all set to play the blackjack, remember that dealers are not supposed to fetch anything from your hand in a direct manner. So, you need to wait till the end of the current hand. Thereafter only you can ask for a change i.e. you can place your cash amid the betting spots on a layout. In addition to that, make a note of a table prior to sitting down. Also keep a watch on several hands in order to make yourself understand about how to indicate a stand or how to proceed if you require asking for a hit. When you own chips, put together wager inside the betting circle & then don’t touch it till the dealer pays you. Make use of only single hand while picking cards that are dealt-down. If there is blackjack with you, twirl cards face-up. You need to turn the cards also in a case when you desire to split or double down. It is a dealer that arranges the cards but you need to ensure that you are ready with the bet. Always go towards the left of your initial bet.


This is also one among the most-sought after casino games. While playing this game, you need to wait till spin ends & dealer is done with sweeping the board & paying the winners prior to asking for change. You need to let the dealer know whether you desire to opt for color casino chips or ordinary casino chips. When you have got your chips, it is time to give some room to other players as well. If you are not able to reach up to a number, you need to request the dealer to place the bet on your behalf.


Have patience until the dice have been tossed prior to asking for a change. Avoid crowding the shooter & uttering ‘seven’ except when you are contemplating to wager on this specific number & on the come-out roll.

Video Games & Slots

Avoid hogging too many machines. In case if you really desire to play on two machines, you need to ensure that you are regularly playing on both of them. In case if you are trying to look for a game, avoid hanging over the shoulders of other players. Avoid giving unsolicited advice to other players. If you have cracked the jackpot, don’t trouble too many workers of casino in order to get paid. Hold on for some time and a slot person will certainly take care of your payment. Yet another important aspect related to etiquette is to offer tip to a slot person who makes payment to you. Standard tip is believed to be the 1 or 2% of a hand-pay & generous tip is believed to be the 5% of hand-pay.

To sum up, there are various ways to learn playing casino games but when it comes to learning etiquette, there is a dearth of resources. Learning basic etiquette at least become of paramount importance due to the involvement of your money.

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