Beginner’s Guide to Gambling in The Sin City

Las Vegas is known as the Sin City, the city which can enthrall you, seduce you and mesmerize you. It is the city where you become helpless to the glitz and glamour. Above all it is the heaven for gambling. You can play all the known gambling games here, from high-paybacks such as video poker, beatable blackjack and low-edge or no-edge games. As you know, gambling is all about taking risks but if you are not careful, lot of bad deals and unfavorable rules might hinder your prospects. 

Roam Around Vegas Before Playing

There are many casinos in Vegas and you can simply enter in one of them. But don’t. Be cautious, be wary and be careful. There are many glittering stuffs that will lure you and distract you. Apart from the casinos, there are the castles, palaces, a pyramid, a pirate ship and even a replica of the Eiffel Tower here – all of which promise a whole lot of fun. And it is precisely all these things that can make you blow your bankroll even before you realize.

To start with, hire a cab, get on the monorail or just walk around the streets to get a feel of the exciting city. While you are seeing the city, don’t miss on palaces such as Bellagio, Venetian, and Wynn. If you are keen on finding a suitable casino and play the beatable games, don’t go to the swankier places. Instead the smaller and older Strip casinos and off the Strip casinos are the places where you will get better pay tables and softer games. You can visit the casinos in downtown, on Boulder Highway, and in North Las Vegas. You can also visit properties such as Sahara, Stratosphere, Sam’s Town, Texas Station, Arizona Charlie’s, Four Queens, Tropicana and Riviera.

Strategies That Will Help You in Casinos

If you are a first-time player planning your visit to the Sin City, you need to know some basic strategies. You should also be aware of how much money to carry and how to best spend them. However, if you are an experienced player, familiarizing with them once again won’t harm.

Game Strategies

The ground rule of playing at the casinos is to remember that every gambling game has an optimal strategy and keeping them in mind is advantageous. While you won’t be able to erase the casino’s advantage all together, you can definitely improve your chances. You can start by buying a comprehensive strategy book that highlights ways of betting, playing etc.

Games You Can Avoid

It is essential that you do not worsen your case by playing the games you should ideally avoid. There are certain casinos that are very stingy and you should only play small stakes there, nothing more than a buck or two. Big wheel, the live ‘big board’ keno, coin toss machine and slot games should be played only to satisfy your curiosity and not to win big.

Games You Should Play

You can gamble to your heart’s content on table games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, Caribbean Stud, Three Card, Poker and Pai Gow Poker. In these games you can lower the casino’s advantage and use several strategies.


If you have around 3.6 hours of playtime, you should carry about $179. With that much money, you can play the safe games at minimum levels and make your money last comfortably till the time you can stay. Of course, if you want to double or triple the bet size, you will naturally need to increase your bankroll budget accordingly.

Las Vegas is a gamer’s paradise and to continue enjoying the pleasures of this paradise remember to use your mind wisely.

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