7 of the Best Movie-Themed Slots of All Time

Creating a slot game inspired by Hollywood movies has never been an easy thing to do, because there is always an army of fans waiting for the developer to meet their expectations. Especially if the movie was a smashing success. However, this is also the main reason why movie-themed online slot games are among the most popular themes a developer can choose for a slot.

The popularity is probably owed to the fact that the players are familiar with the theme. This popularity is one of the reasons why software developers make huge deals with movie studios in order to get the exclusive rights for the theme. In the vast sea of movie-inspired slot, a bunch of them have nothing to offer but the theme itself. However, we decided to present to you 7 of the best movie-inspired video slots of all time.


Who hasn’t heard about Scarface, right? Well, the movie was a smashing hit back in the 1980s, and it is still just as popular. NetEnt made the right move to buy off the rights and turn this cult movie into an online video slot.

Join Tony Montana and match symbols to make a kill across 5 reels and 20 pay-lines. A lot of action, interesting gameplay and plenty of features and bonus rounds wait you here. The most important role here are probably played by Stacked Wilds, Nudge Spins and a Shootout bonus game.

The Dark Night Rises

This video slot is inspired with the latest Batman movie which was a huge success. Batman movies have a large fan club which was that much tougher to meet the expectation, but Microgaming has really outdone itself. Most of DC Comics characters can be found in this slot.

This slot has exceptional graphics, superb animations and some ingenious features that will keep you at the edge of your seats with each spin you make. Wilds rule this game and there 243 ways to win. Moreover, this slot offers 2 Free Spins versions and random symbol scramble feature. Give it a go and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Jurassic Park

Enter this notorious prehistoric world of dinosaurs created by Steven Spielberg. Fortunately, the Universal Studios decided to give the rights to Microgaming to create an online video slot based on this amazing trilogy.

Like most Microgaming online slots, this one also gives you 243 ways to win and sets forth some amazing features which can appeal to anyone’s taste. There are 5 dinosaur-themed features and Free Spins that come with their own set of bonus games. Let’s not reveal everything and leave something to your imagination that will tempt you to give this slot a shot.

Terminator 2

One of the greatest sci-fi movies off all time, and its sequels are what inspired the Microgaming team to make this exquisite video slot. Fans were waiting for the Terminator slot sequel for over 20 years and their wishes were finally fulfilled when Terminator 2 hit the market.

Exciting gameplay and a lot of great features will help you win some huge prizes. Terminator 2 plays over 5 reels and 243 pay-lines. All winning combos come along with some exciting animation and movie footages that will leave you breathless, for sure.


This is one of those slot games that influenced the revolutionizing of the online slot industry, and shook it to the core. NetEnt really brought out the changes with this slot which became the benchmark for all the other slot games to come.

State of the art graphics and animations bring your gaming experience to a whole new level, and they will provide you with hours and hours of fun. The slot is packed with action as you progress through levels, and it has that amazing RPG touch to it. If you get the chance to kill the Queen of the Hive you can win some awesome prizes.

Transformers Battle for Cybertron

The Transformers animated TV series was all the rage back in the 80s and 90s, which you surely are familiar with. This Hasbro creation was a great inspiration for Michael Bay who directed the movie with the same name. IGT decided to transfuse the fight between Decepticons and Autobots into an amazing video slot with 5 reels and 40 pay-lines.

Optimus Prime, Megatron, Grimlock, Shockwave and Ratchet are the main characters who are involved in the slot’s mystery feature, as well as in Free Spins feature. When this battle starts you should go on a hunt for both Free Spins and multipliers because they will help win the battle for Cybertron.

Star Trek

Star Trek has become a cult sci-fi movie series owned by CBS and Paramount studios. To the mutual satisfaction, IGT managed to sign a deal with the studio, and get exclusive rights for this movie. The slot has 30 pay-lines and features all the favourite characters from this movie.

Kirk, Spock, Uhuru and Scotty will follow you on this adventure and award you with free spins and multipliers that will make this adventure worth your while. Live Long and Prosper and enjoy the amazing features that this IGT slot game has to offer.

If you are a true fan of movies, or a good video slot, or both of these, then you shouldn’t hesitate to try these free online slots, because all of them are designed in such a way to improve your gaming experience. Much like the movies themselves, these video slots have become a part of the cult.

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