6 Psychological Tricks That Every Casino House Give A Try

Casinos are not just a place to play and enjoy the excitement. Well you could be more wrong cialis preise holland. You have been brainwashed into believing that casinos are meant to have some unadulterated fun but in reality is a battle field with psychological mines hidden under it everywhere. 

From the very design to the behavior of the waitress are all to make you spend more, more than what you have planned. This is the reason why most of have heard stories of people gone bankrupt after visiting casinos on a regular basis. Here we are going to make you see how casinos are doing everything they could to make gamblers spend more money –

1# The Environment

Have you ever realized that the ambience of most casinos is a bit different? The lighting is mellowed and it is done intentionally to make you feel comfortable and to create a homely and friendly atmosphere which is not something bad technically speaking. Low lights make the gamblers feel comfortable and therefore, they hesitate little while spending big bucks on the casino floor. Even the carpeting of the casino floor is done after much consideration. If you look carefully, you will realize the fact that most of the carpets have colorful splashes, swirls and lines in them. They tend to influence the brain functions and make people feel good about the environment. Over what we are trying to convey is that the environment of casinos is crafted in such a way as to encourage people to gamble by making them feel comfortable while doing so. Even the tracks that are being played in most casinos are very soft and soothing and the wall color is often time is red as it tends to evoke positive feelings.

2# No Windows

You can locate windows at the entrance of most casinos but there is virtually no window once you get inside of a casino. There is a reason behind it. Casinos don’t want to you to have any contact with the outside world whatsoever. If you continue to interact with the outside world, your concentration level at the casinos might get affected. Studies show that casinos with windows tend to earn less money compared to casinos with no windows at all. There are other reasons too why casinos don’t have windows. Windows help us get a glimpse of the outside world and they govern our lives in myriads of ways by telling us when to go to sleep, when to have dinner etc. This is a trick by casinos owners to make you remain oblivious of the happenings of the outside world.

3# No Clocks

Why on earth casino owners would help people to be punctual by keeping clocking because this might directly affect their revenue? Since most people don’t wear watches anymore, people will lose track of time once they get in casino and this is what casino owners want. They want you to forget everything about the outside world and the best way to do so is by disassociating you from devices that are built to tell time. Without clocks, the difference between day and night will get blurred and therefore, you will end up playing for more hours than what you have previously calculated. Even dealers don’t wear watch and the reason is the same.

4# Alcohol

Drinks are offered free on most casinos. Seems like these casino owners are the most benevolent kind of human species living on earth right? Well, there is a reason why they are offering free drinks. When you drink too much, you get intoxicated and it makes you incapable of taking proper decisions. Moreover, you will lose control over yourself and eventually you will end up spending more money than what you have calculated earlier. As you will start getting more liberal with you money, you will end up jeopardizing your financial stability.

5# Complex Design

The interior of most casinos are giant mazes and it is done intentionally to make the players feel lost. Moreover, the slot machines are placed randomly and you might have to overcome hurdles while moving from one place to another.

6# Near Wins

Nothing is more exciting than realizing the fact that you were closer to winning a large amount. This is what encourages most people to pump more money just to end up losing them all. Casino owners know that paying out small amount encourages people more and this is the reason why you will find it easier to win small amount than a jackpot; if it would have been different, all the casinos would have become bankrupt.

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