6 Movies Based on Casinos Theme

Casino, Gambling and Movies – the holy trinity. So many movies have been built on this gambling theme on Hollywood that it is even hard to cheery pick top 4 or 5 among them. They are jewels of jewels. But here we have made a humble attempt to make a list of top 6 movies that were built around gambling them and have earned massive popularity.

The Hangover

How can you forget the brilliant theatrics of Zach Galifianakis? This movie is centered on three guys who are attending their best friend’s wedding. But something bad happens and they end up finding them in troubled water. And they also realized it later that they have lost their best friend who is about to get married. And then the frantic search begins. The Hangover was shot mostly in the Sin City Las Vegas and therefore, you will get to have a sneak peek of the secret world of casino.


The story of this movie revolves around the theme of casino and gambling. However, rather than focusing on the world of casino and gambling, the movie Croupier shifted the focus on the casino dealer and the secrets of learning the tricks of dealing at casino. The protagonist of the story is a croupier who seems to be nonchalant to things happening in the casino. A different kind of movie that lets you explore the bitter and cold side of gambling.

Casino Royale

Of course, Casino Royale is a James Bond movie but that does not mean that it has got nothing to do with gambling. Take a second look at the title of the movie. Yup, this movie is supposed to be about gambling and casino. Besides showing the fighting and spying skills of James Bond, this movie also gives us a hint of the glamour and glorious world of gambling.


This is considered by most movie goers and critics as one of the best movies on poker. Though this movie lacks the gambling actions which are quite common in other movies built around this theme, this movie is a treasure-trove for those who want to get first-hand information on poker and other gambling games. With the right amount of suspense,  Rounders has definitely done an incredible job.

Leaving Las Vegas

This is basically a romantic drama and has little to do with gambling but still it deserves a special mention here as this movie is centered on the Sin City Las Vegas. This movie is like a microcosm of the gambling world. This movie takes you beyond the apparent glamour and glitz of gambling and casinos.

The Cooler

Well, in the world of Gambling – ‘Cooler’ is a person who acts like an unlucky charm. This film shows how an unscrupulous casino owner uses a gambler who happens to be down on his luck to make other gamblers lose money on the tables. But things changed dramatically, when that unlucky guy falls in love with a girl. Luck begins to shower her favor on this guy much to the ire of his employer. The story is nice and interesting enough to hook on to the attention of the audience.

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