5 Unusual Gamblers Of Our times

Gambling is for fun right? Well, not all people. There are some gamblers who tend to treat gambling rather seriously and unlike normal people like you and me who just visit a casino just to burn some cash, they are meticulous in their approach. They know gambling games inside out and for that reason why people call them as great gamblers. Besides earning huge amount of money, they have earned the respect of fellow gamblers by maintaining integrity while playing.  

These are fearless gamblers who don’t think twice before entering a hike stake game. Their approach may appear insane to other players but you need to keep it mind that in most cases, he will have the last laugh. But here we are going to narrate the stories of some gamblers who drag themselves into real troubles. These are amateur gamblers who had high regards for themselves but eventually found themselves in troubled water when they started playing with professional gamblers –

Fouad al-Zayat

He is a Syrian business tycoon and is also known as – ‘The Fat Man’. He rose to fame in 2007 when reports started doing the round that he has lost a lawsuit and had to fork out a massive £2 million to a London based casino. It was also reported that he had lost over $37.5 million over the course of 12 years at a London casino and this was what eventually snowballed into this crisis.

Terrance Watanabe

This guy was a millionaire before he lost a whopping $127 million at a table in the year 2009. In fact, he lost the game so badly that he inadvertently broke the biggest losing streak in Las Vegas history that year. However, things did not go down well with Terrance Watanabe, as he has sued the casino by making a claim that the casino has intoxicated forcefully so that he could not make right decision.

Zhenli Ye Gon

This guy is a famous or infamous Chinese-Mexican businessman who is alleged to be also involved in the Mexican meth business. To make the matter worse, Mexican police has once stormed into his mansion and found a massive $200 million cash staked there.  However, he had stopped gambling officially of course. It is believed that he once donated $120 million to a casino house. Reportedly Venetian Resort Hotel Casino was so pleased with him that they presented him with a Rolls Royce as a consolation prize!

Kerry Packer

Well, he is known for his lavish lifestyle. Some people even say that he was used to spend $450,000 on a blackjack hand and even used to give the waitresses 7 figures tips. No wonder he was treated royally in all the casinos that he visited. Legend has it that once Kerry had put a wager on a massive $25 million spread and lost it all. But guess what this media mogul was not broke, not even close to it.

Akio Kashiwagi

He is another guy who loves spending big bucks for no apparent reason. He is a real estate investor in Tokyo and as far as reports are considered, he had amassed huge amount of money from this. Even in the gambling industry, he was name to be reckoned with. He won a massive $10 million sometime in 1990 while playing at Donald Trump’s casino.

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