5 Types of Online Casinos

The problem with most people is that they tend to paint different forms of online casinos with the same brush. They tend to believe that online casinos are the virtual version of the real world casinos and all of them are almost the same with little differences. But the reality is vastly different. To help you realize the truth, here we are going to give a roundup of some of the most popular types of online casino gambling –  

Bitcoin casinos

As the name suggest, in this type of casino, bitcoins are accepted. However, this is not just the one and only difference; there are other differences too. Bitcoins casinos are unique and innovative in their own way. You can be a part of its “slug races” by making use of your web cam. Being  a part of a  bitcoin slug races is in fact an awesome experience.  However, there is a catch to this form of gambling.  Bitcoins as you know are not regulated by authorities and therefore, the chances of getting duped is quite high. Moreover, it has also been seen that gambling websites that accept bitcoins tend to go offline within a year or so which is kinda depressing.

Online Poker Rooms

Poker is certainly one of the popular forms of gambling and thankfully, we have their online version available which is reassuring for those gamblers who don’t want to leave the comfort of their home for some reason or the other. Poker is a type of casino game where the house edge is unavailable.

Online Bingo Halls

Bingo, contrary to popular perception, is more popular among women. It is gaining currency among women between 30 to 45 years of age. These types of gambling sites are so popular that you can find them almost everywhere. Just do a search on Google with terms like – ‘Play Bingo Online’ and there you go.

Live Dealer casinos

These types of online casino sites are basically the incarnation of a regular casino and they offer almost all the features that any regular online casino offers. Besides giving you the opportunity to play regular casino games at your free time, you will be able to participate with players in real time. Some of the popular games of Live Dealer Casinos are – Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat and more. However, the main problem with this type of casino is that this casino type is very expensive and therefore not feasible for everyone to participate in them.

Regular Online Casinos

Regular Online Casinos are almost the same like Live Dealer Casinos with the only exception that there is no ‘Live’ option. So, if you are not that much interested about Live Dealer option, you should not be opting for any smaller online casinos because in that case that would not make any sense.

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