5 Tips to Make the Most Out of The Free Drink in Casino

Online casinos are great. They allow us play casino games from the comfort of our home but they do have some disadvantages too. First of all, you are surely going to miss human warmth and emotions that are so abundantly available on land based casinos.

Moreover, we are all forgetting something crucial that is land based casinos also offer some freebies like free drinks and how come somebody forgets those beautiful waitresses. However, the best thing about the land based casinos is the free drinks.

It is a fact that you can’t control the outcome of most casino games but the same can’t be said about the free drinks. We can give you some super cool tips that you might give a try if you wish to get the best drink service at the casinos without spending a penny for it.

Get into Action

I am assuming that you are willing to spent at least 100$ in a casino because if you don’t spend anything, they will kick you out of the casino. Now, since we are trying to get the best drinking service, you will need to find a bar which is conveniently located near video poker machines.

Just feed the machines $100 bill and then start wasting your time. However, don’t make it look apparent that you are sitting idle and not playing any game. Make it appear that you are concentrating on the game or thinking about the next move. Try different games and soon you will be served by a beautiful waitress. Continue your tryst with the machines for few hours and you will get enough free drinks to feel intoxicated.

High Voltage Games

It is a fact that casinos serve their most valuable customers in a preferable way. If you are spending most of your time playing penny slots, it is highly unlikely that you will get faster service. However, things can change if you start playing blackjack at $250/hand. You will be served with the best drink and the waitress would not mind offering you the drink of your choice.

Choose reputed Casinos

It is a fact that reputed casinos serve the best drinks to their customers. So, if you are planning to spend few bucks on a land based casino, you better go out and find a popular casino. Bare-bones casinos are not going to offer you those awesome drinks and you should better forget about complementary drinks.

Tip Well

Want to get the best quality drinks, you need to give the waitress big tips. She will definitely pay you back in the form of a great quality free drink. You will get faster service as well.

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