5 Finest Casinos in Las Vegas

It is Las Vegas baby! Well, don’t get carried out by such rhetoric otherwise you could find yourself in troubled water like the four guys of the movie Hangover. However, without any shred of doubt, Las Vegas is and has always been famous for its amazing casino culture. It has some of the best casinos and the experience they offer is just amazing.

Now, if you are planning to visit Las Vegas anytime soon, you should be visiting any of the following casinos to experience the best Las Vegas can offer.

1# Encore Las Vegas

This is a spectacular Casino that should be in your itinerary at any cost. This casino spreads across a massive 72,000-square-foot areas and it looks absolutely stunning. The environment is comfy, cool and intimate. Some of the popular games that you can play at this casino are – mini-baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, blackjack, baccarat, Pai Gow poker and more. If you are passionate about slot machines, this is the place you should be. It has over 860 slot machines installed in this casino and therefore, you have a lot going for.

2# The D Las Vegas

This casino has something to boast about. It is one of the two two-level casinos located in Las Vegas and offers amazing experience to casino gamblers. If you have a thing or two for vintage casino, you should be on the 2nd floor of this casino. The vintage casino is also house to Sigma Derby machine and different classic coin-operated slots. The first floor of The D Las Vegas has something for everybody. It has numerous tables and slot games and at your amazement, you will even find dealers dancing around just to entertain the audience.

3# Downtown Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

This casino spreads across a massive 5,000 square feet and thus offers a spectacular gaming experience. It has over 30 table games and 600 new slot machines and these are enough to meet the requirements of even an addicted gamer. The interior has a cool industrial feel and the use of canopies, chandeliers and ornate fixtures give it a distinct feel. Ever heard about The Spread Sportsbook? Of course, you do and this is the birthplace of this addictive game.

4# MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

MGM Grand spreads across a massive 170,000 square feet area where gamers can cool their heels. Some even call this place the Mecca of gambling. It has over 2500 video poker and slot games to play and if you are interested about Table games, you will not be disappointed as its table games have the following interesting things like roulette, blackjacks, craps, War etc.

5# The Venetian

As the name of the casino suggest, here you will enjoy a Venetian environment. It has six different gaming areas that spread across 33,000 square feet and there are 237 table games to play. Some of the popular games are Pai Gow poker, roulette, blackjack etc. Do you want to play slot games? In that case, you have good reason to be happy. This casino has over 2400 slot machines. If you are a premium guest, you will get access to The Venetian and The Paiza Club.

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