3 Cool Casino Resorts in the World

If you are looking for a break to lift your spirits, going to a casino is sure to make you happy. It is impossible to feel sad in a casino. Round up a couple of friends and take a trip to the nearest best casino and lo’ and behold! Your face would involuntarily be lit up with the grandeur that the casino offers. Add to this, a resort and a picturesque location and you have the perfect holiday, ready to pamper you. Here, we have listed out the 3 best casino resorts that are sure to make you pack your bags right away and head out.

The Bellagio is by far the most popular and perhaps the best casino resorts making Las Vegas the top destination for casino nights. However, there are others that are just as good, perhaps even better and will leave you wanting for more.

Trump TajMahal, Atlantic City, USA

Get a taste of the Indian sub-continent in the US at the Trump TajMahal casino resort. You are bound to fall in love with it at the first sight of its impressive stone elephants made in white and gold. Very tastefully done interiors are more than welcoming and promise you a great stay. It houses a casino and can accommodate a huge guest capacity with over 2,000 rooms, most of which have the lovely view of the Atlantic Ocean. Place your bets and freak out at the casino. If you are running out of ideas to spend the moolah that you have raked in at the casino, splurge it up at the spa or the salon. The resort also houses a shopping center for its guests.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monte-Carlo, Monaco,

If you are looking for a getaway in the culturally rich Europe and the American getaway is not your kind, Monaco has just the place for you. Considered as the most iconic casino resorts in Europe, the Casino of Monte Carlo has celebrities queuing up at the gates. Opulent interiors and the touch of aristocracy will keep you smiling throughout your stay here and last longer even after. At the casino you can also grab your star-dust moment as the casino boasts of having been the set for two Bond flicks. The warm Mediterranean Sea soothes your senses while you are out of the casino. The resort also offers a great spa to relax stressed out arms from having worked out at the slots.

Venetian Macao, Macau, China

Why this one? It is spectacular in many ways – one, it is the world’s largest casinos, and two, as the name suggests, it is a miniature Venice with the little rivers passing through the entire campus. Since the city heavily depends on casinos and tourism for the economy, you are definitely in for a treat at the casino resorts here. The east in itself is very exotic and adding the casino magic to it makes it irresistible and divine.

Hence, it is no wonder that casinos are Hollywood’s favorite sets for an alluring movie scene.

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