10 Reasons Why Online Poker Is the Winner

The one thing that the world cannot live without now is the internet. The main reason being, its accessibility – anyone can access the internet from anywhere and at any time of the day! Here are top 10 reasons why you should try video poker online (like you needed any!) –


A poker table is ready for you and that too just an arm stretch away. You can access it on your PC and now, even on your phone. You literally can play while lying down on your sofa or sitting in your cozy spot in your favorite café.


The minimum stake value to begin playing is much less than what you would be paying at a live table. Also, as you get used to the set-up, you will find better ways of putting in less cash and getting better rewards.

Free practice

To familiarize yourself in online video poker, you can choose from a plethora of free game sites where you can play as long and as many times as you like till you are ready to play for real money.

Big Prizes

Compared to the actual casinos, the online games do not have much edge over your game. If you play well and get used to the strategies, the odds against you will be far less and the rewards even bigger and better.

No distractions

For introverts, this is the best part about online games, you are not exposed to too many social transactions. Here, it is just you, the dealer and other players, who anyway not sitting right in front of you.

Multiple tables

If you love the high adrenaline that casinos offer, in online poker, you can play at multiple tables at the same time. A bit of juggling between the windows, and voila!

No dress code

While we may all love to dress up for the occasion, it is a too demanding to be well dressed every time you crave a visit to the poker table in a casino. We may love that look in the crisp suit, but the comfort of being in PJs and sprawling over the couch is unequalled.

Online help

This is a very helpful feature of playing online. You can seek help whenever we want during the game. There are help videos too available.

Open hours

There are none! You feel like playing poker, you play it. No need to look at the watch for club timings. Online poker is open for you 24/7.

You may be wondering how these online casinos afford such huge payouts and prizes. The secret lies in the number of registrations of players on that site. At the time of registration there is an upfront amount that you would have to deposit in order to begin playing at that site’s tables. Hence, to attract more players, the sites offer signing up bonus for the new or first time registrations. So, look out for the website with higher number of players. The rewards would be bigger with the number of players at that site.

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